Why 100s of schools are already using Uniformd

It’s the easy to roll out initiative with sustainability and fundraising at its heart, that supports both schools and their families.

- Enables year round, 24/7 access to quality preloved items. Great for parents that don’t do the school run and can’t pop in!

- Helps support your school’s Climate Action Plan

- Allows donations and Gift Aid to assist with fundraising

- Enables event management and ticketing

- Provides an efficient lost property solution, saving you time receiving calls and hunting for items!

- Allows stigma free access to second hand items and things like sanitary products if your school wishes to list these.


What your school gains with the Uniformd solution

A free fundraising marketplace
With Uniformd, you create a marketplace for parents/carers to donate and access affordable or even free items (anything from books and games to uniforms, sports kit and sanitary products). This not only reduces the financial toll on parents, but raises much needed funds for your school’s own initiatives. You can use the platform for stand-alone cash donations (with Gift Aid option), as well as for ticket sales and event management.

Supporting your school’s Climate Action Plan
By establishing a Uniformd ecosystem in your school, you are actively championing the collective reduction of a whole community’s environmental impact. You may already have a Climate Action Plan in place, and Uniformd helps support this and if you don’t already have one Uniform is a fantastic and simple place to start. We are stronger together, especially when it comes to sustainability.


How it works

The Uniformd School EcoSystem

  • Schools encourage parents and carers to donate their preloved items

  • Schools list items on the Uniformd platform and set price or list for free. Schools share the link or QR code to the shop with parents.

  • Parents and carers view and purchase listed items and tickets via their Uniformd online school shop and can top-up with cash donations.

  • Schools manage order fulfilment via an easy to use backoffice. Automated stock management adjusts your inventory accordingly, saving you valuable time.

  • Parents collect items from the school or send them home with the pupil.

  • Funds raised go directly back to the school.

School Testimonials

"With minimal set up needed, I was able to upload items to our catalogue and send the link out to parents. Parents are kept up to date on the status of their order and the whole process can be complete in a matter of days."

Uniformd Admin, Coleshill Infant School

"We chose to use Uniformd not least because it is so straightforward to use from both an administrative and a parental point of view. Set up took literally a couple of hours and was a very simple and user-friendly process. Parents loved it and started using it the same day! We raised over £500 in our first month."

Uniformd Admin, Devon

"The platform is easy to use both for us selling and those buying and means that engagement has been considerably higher than it would have been if we had tried to sell uniform via Facebook or similar."

Uniformd School PTA Member

How Uniformd came about

As part of his work experience, 15-year-old Sam took part in Elemental Concept’s Student Entrepreneur Programme, giving students the opportunity to identify real issues facing society and find a way to solve them using technology. 

Sam saw the burden his parents were under having to pay over £250 a head for him and his siblings on school uniforms and wanted to create a workable solution that focused on sustainability. Elemental Concept worked with Sam to bring his uniform resale market to life – Uniformd is the result.

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