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A Better Way to Buy School Uniforms.

With the Uniformd solution you can purchase gently used uniforms at a fraction of the cost. Using clothing donations from past pupils, Uniformd enables schools to sell on to the next generation helping reduce clothes waste.

Save Money

With access to cheaper, gently-used uniforms, you’ll greatly reduce the cost of buying school supplies for your family.

Easy to Use

Order and pay online, and have your child pick it up from the school administration. They can even put it on as they go into school!

Pay it Forward

By buying uniforms directly from your school, profits from your donation and purchases go directly back into your child’s education.

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Sam's Story

Sam a 15 year old school boy from London saw the burden his parents were under having to pay over £250 a year for him and his 2 siblings on school uniforms. This cost could be even more if he or one of his siblings lost or grew out of something! Sam recognised this was not just a struggle for his family but affecting a lot of families.

As part of his work experience, Sam took part in Elemental Concept’s Student Entrepreneur Programme. This unique programme gives students the opportunity to identify real issues facing society and find a way to solve them using technology.

We worked with Sam to create Uniformd, a uniform resale market that would not only remove a lot of financial burden, make it easier for busy working parents to find gently used uniforms and also help the environment.

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How it works

Parents donate unwanted washed and ironed clothes at the school reception and the school takes it from there. Schools take photos of all items, adding information on condition, description and price. This is then uploaded directly to the marketplace to be sold.

Parents in search of uniforms, browse items by school and buy what they need. Once the uniforms are ready to collect, they receive pick-up instructions from the school. Quick, simple - easy.

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Quality donations

While we do sell on quality pieces with a little bit of wear, all donations should be in good enough condition to resell. Any imperfections will be highlighted on the app and priced accordingly.

£140 million worth of clothing goes into landfills each year, from production to disposal, the clothing industry has significant harmful environmental costs. Uniformd plays a part in combating this.

“I couldn’t be happier with the Uniformd app and I say this as both administrator and as parent. It was so simple and fast to set up, and easy to use for both parent and back office. Within hours of launch, our school made more money from 2nd hand school uniform sales than we had made in the previous 5 years put together. Parents overwhelmingly have loved it and we have received 100% positive feedback from them – literally not one parent has said it is anything other than simple to use and collect. I just wish we had done this sooner!”

Ali McKee, Great Missenden School

Want to be a Uniformd School?

We’d love your school to join our growing group of Uniformd schools. Our easy to use platform makes listing and managing your inventory fast and efficient.

Get Your School Community Involved

Every donation makes an impact. All funds will be funnelled back into the schools you’re supporting. The more donations, the more uniforms to choose from so help spread the word on social media to get more families involved.

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